Like most things, power tools come in grades. DIYers might purchase an economically priced Ryobi power tool, but professionals will more likely go for more robust tools made by companies like DeWalt and Milwaukee. However, there is one brand that stands above the rest, Festool.

Festool is a German company that produces a variety of tools that go above and beyond in quality, performance, and innovation. Their tools are easy to set up and use, and their results are unmatched. Their special emphasis is on dust collection, demonstrating that they are focused on the entirety of the task. What is their major downside? Cost.

Over the years, I have acquired various Festool power tools, and once I get past their sticker shock, I am always happy with my purchase. My most recent acquisition is the cordless Kpex KSC 60 compound miter saw. On every level, it is the best and most efficient compound miter saw I have ever used. See the photos below for more information.

A typical trim job requires many precision cuts.
Everything about this compound miter saw is quality. The combination of 12″ crosscut, 60 degree miter, and 47 degree compound will be able to tackle the most challenging trim jobs. Plus, its cordless operation makes everything easier.
The red arrow points to one of the two attached batteries. No power cord is needed. The green arrow points to the dust collection hose. This saw turns on and off the separately sold vacuum via Bluetooth, so everything is nice and automatic.
Even the battery storage box is thoughtfully constructed with a place to hood the charger and up to 4 batteries. This box is stackable and lockable with other boxes in the Festool system. You can carry multiple boxes at once.
This is one of my Festool vacuums. I boughtThe it long before I bought the saw, but it is compatible with it.
The saw provides a 12″ crosscut which is the upper end of industry standards.
Most saws will have a maximum compound angle of 47 degrees, this saw goes all the way up to 60 degrees.
This saw can tilt right or left up to 47 degrees.
The saw mounts to a separately sold base. It easily collapses for transport.