Hanging kitchen cabinets can be challenging, but the process can be made easier by using some specialized tools and techniques. See photos below.

Temporary supports make it easier to make sure that your new cabinets are level. The support (of course) also support the cabinets as you attach them to the wall.
A stud finder makes it easy to local studs in the wall. Some are better than others.
A laser level makes sure everything is level. This is a pro-grade one, but you can also buy inexpensive consumer grade ones.
One of my favorite accessories is this helping hand jack. It is like having an assistant to help hold up the cabinets when mounting.
Hole saws can give you a professional look when running wires behind the cabinet.
Some wires for a media center.
A small router can cut out bigger areas for bigger objects like power outlets.
A quality level can be used for a variety of jobs and works when you don’t have a laser level.
Almost done! Cabinets in place.
Another view. These new cabinets completely modernize a 1980s home.