As you may recall I harvested logs that I turned into planking that was used for the floors in my townhouse. In addition, I had a large Tamarack log that was flat sawn into 2 1/4 inch slabs. I intended to use this wood for a kitchen countertop. See the photos below for details.

The edges of the boards didn’t line up exactly so I made additional shallow cuts using my Festool track.
Now they align nicely!
Here you can see the shallow cut that I made with my Festool circular saw.
The short edges will have a natural edge using other planks from the Tamarack. As you can see these pieces are not square.
I used my Festool again to make the edges even.
Here they are ready to be attached to the short edges of the countertop.
The natural edges attached. Stay tuned for the next phase of this project.