Not that many years ago it was simple to decide on what sink you wanted to use in a kitchen remodel. It was stainless or porcelain. However, over the years there have been many different options, not only in style, but also in finish. Lately, many remodels that I have done have incorporated a kitchen sink consisting of one large vessel instead of a sink divided into two sections. Each style has its own advantage, but a single sink offers more real estate for the user. Additionally, some sinks have custom grates or ledges for a draining system while others offset the drain to allow for more useable sink “floor space.” Also, some high end sinks are now sink systems which may include such niceties like a boiling water tap or a filtered water tap. All of these options can enhance the users experience, but they all cost. See photos below.

We just installed this high end sink for a customer. Note the beautiful faucet with a pull out sprayer and a polished nickel finish, as well the second mini-faucet for filtered water. This sink has a side drain hole as well as a draining rack that can be placed on the sink’s bottom.
Extra features add extra plumbing complexity. Here you can see the disposal as well as the water filtering system. My plumber did a beautiful job attaching everything in a neat and orderly fashion.