Projects can be done quickly, or they can be done correctly. I think that the details of any project matter. I replaced the siding on the townhouse that I’m renovating. The front porch will have a coach light that resides in a frame. AZEK is a PVC material that can be cut and painted like wood. However, it is much more water and mold resistant. The following photos show the process of building a frame for the coach light using AZEK.

I needed to make a frame for my porch coach light.
I used a chop saw to miter the frames edges.
Here you can see on the the sides of the frame with both ends cut.
PVC cement is used to glue the frame together.
I further secured the edges with finishing nails. In addition, I eventually attached them using self-tapping AZEK screws for additional support.
A flat piece of AZEK was used for the back of the frame. Here I am cutting it to size using a table saw.
I secured the back of the frame using polyurethane chalk.
The completed frame.
A perfect fit! The frame will be painted to match the exterior house color.