The townhouse that I’m renovating was built in the 1970s, and its siding was old and tired. I had to remove it to accommodate the new doors and windows that I installed on the house last fall. The unit was clad only in Tyvek vapor barrier last winter, which kept the house dry, but looked… like Tyvek.

Naturally, my goal was to reside the unit, but this was delayed due to a variety of reasons, COVID-19 among them. I’m happy to say that this unit has finally been resided, and it looks great. I had to match the siding color so that it was compatible with its connected sister unit, but I did manage to add many touches that made the job stand out. These touches included a bead-board ceiling, a lot of trim work, and board and batten work at the roof’s gable. That later feature will eventually be painted in a complimentary color. Please see the photos below.

Tyvek protected the house, but looked like… Tyvek.
My installer starting the project on the home’s east side.
Bending cladding for trim work.
Installing trim work.
Here you can see some of the detailed work that an experienced tradesman can produce.
A partially done wall.
The completed back and side of the house.
View of the front. The gable will eventually be painted in a complementary color to accent the rest of the siding.