A customer asked me if I could patch some holes in his ceiling and walls. They had been created by a HVAC technician who was doing some exploratory work. In addition, he needed me to build an enclosure for a new vent that the HVAC tech put in. I’ll save that for another post.

Patching a hole is simple, but you need to follow some basic steps which I’ll illustrate in the following photos.

Holes made by the HVAC technician.
Scrap plywood is cut to an appropriate size by estimation.
Plywood is placed behind the drywall and secured using drywall screws.
A new sheet of drywall is used and a piece is cut from it that matches the hole.
Placing the new sheet of drywall.
The new drywall piece is screwed into the plywood slats. The basic repair done. This repair will now be taped, mudded, sanded, and painted and it will look like it was never there.