If you examine the photo below you will see two windows that seem to be almost identical, but they are not.

The older window was the original contractor grade one which was replaced by the window on the right, which is a Pella Lifestyle Series window.

Here are some of the differences between the two windows:

-The old window has an aluminum frame. This material conducts heat and cold through the window.

-The seals on the window glass of the new window are of much better quality which means that they will not leak for many, many years. The old windows used less durable seals that deteriorated over time and leaked making their insulation gas escape.

-The new window has a real wood frame that doesn’t conduct heat and cold like the aluminum frame of the old window.

-The new window’s glass has low E insulated glass, the old window does not have this feature.

-the new window is factory finished on the inside and comes with a matching interior casing.

-The new window is double hung, the old one is not. This means that both sashes move.

-The new window can fold inward for cleaning, the old window could not.

Replacing windows is a labor-intensive/costly job. You can find installers who will promise you a relatively inexpensive price but they are using inferior products that will insulate poorly, wear out quickly, and lack convenience features. I install Pella windows and feel that the quality of their midrange and above units is fantastic. I also use excellent installers who not only do a wonderful job but also clean up after themselves. I can assure you that using a quality product that is properly installed will serve you well and definitely is the best long-term option.

I am happy to provide you with a free quote. If you are interested in any interior or exterior remodeling job feel free to give me a call. I’ll personally come out and give you my opinion.


The old window on the left, the new Pella window on the right.