We live in a world where time is money. Unfortunately, that sometimes means that people, including trades people, take shortcuts. The unsightly end results can go unnoticed by the home owner, but add an overall unprofessional look to an end project. One simple example is the case of the pocket door.

Pocket doors provide closure in spaces where a traditional door would be impractical. The following photos show the top mechanism of a typical pocket door. You can clearly see the metal bracket. Many contractors will leave this area exposed, but it results in an unfinished look to the project. It takes a little extra time to move the project from incomplete to complete. I think that the extra time is worth it. See the photos below.

Here you see the top track of a standard pocket door.
Many contractors will take the easy way out and leave the metal bracket exposed.
It takes just a little extra time to remedy this.
No more exposed bracket, and the resultant more refined look.