A fireplace has always been the center of a room, and the focus of many homes. However, as technology has progressed it has gone from a source of heat, to a focal point, to an entertainment center.

Homes that were built 10 years ago didn’t have power outlets on fireplaces designed so that a flat-screen TV could be mounted. However, this is the ideal place to locate one.

A customer wanted to modernize his 20 year old home. Part of that modernization was to remove some built-ins around the fireplace, and to add AV outlets and power connections to its brick face. We accomplished his goal, see the photos below for details.

This fireplace has no electrical outlets and is missing stone is its sides after removing built-ins.
Stones removed and wall opened for electrical and AV cables.
The outlets ready to be mounted, stones replaced and added on the sides. Entire fireplace had to be tuck-pointed. The wall on the left side will also be patched.