The townhome that I’m renovating has a basement that is below one-half of the main level. The rest of the main level, including the kitchen, is on a concrete slab.

I’m converting the living spaces into a large great room, and I have to remove the kitchen and hall floor tiles. They have been securely attached to the slab with mortar. The easiest way to remove them is by using a hand-held demolition tool, which is also called a hand-held jackhammer. Using this tool makes quick work of a normally time consuming job.

I would not use this tool when removing tiles from a wooden floor. In this situation using a crowbar and hammer are a better choice as they are less likely to damage the wooden underlayment.

A hand-held demolition tool (hand-held jackhammer).
The tool makes tile removal on a slab easy work.
The tool in action.
A mess, but it’s easy to clean up.
All of the tile removed from the kitchen and hallway.
When removing ceramic tile from a wood floor I prefer using a crowbar and hammer.