Siding is exposed to the elements, and with that exposure come damage. Just like any other material siding can wear out to the point of needing total replacement. However, local damage also occurs. I’m often called to repair local damage caused by wind or other elements.

A significant problem in doing this type of repair is finding repair pieces of siding that match the existing siding. This problem is further complicated by the sun, which tends to bleach siding. Cheaper siding has a greater tendency to fade. Unfortunately, most new construction uses cheaper siding due to cost factors.

The photos below show the steps needed to match siding color. I took both a piece of siding and a piece of flashing to do the color match. I then compared these pieces with known samples so I could match the grain and color as close as possible.

Don’t worry about the small exposed area on the house. The flashing behind the siding will protect that spot until the area is fixed.

removing a piece of existing siding to use as a color match sample.
Removing a small piece of flashing for a color match sample.
Here you can see some of the local damage on this house’s siding.
Using different samples to try to match the color and grain of the original siding as close as possible.