I’m replacing the entire heating system in the townhome that I’m renovating. Early on in the demolition I removed and disposed of the home’s very old furnace. Unfortunately, this meant that the interior of the house is freezing cold this winter. Such an environment can be miserable to work in, and it also can cause significant damage to the home’s water system.

My initial solution was to use some space heaters, but they can only do so much. A friend of mine was replacing a customer’s old furnace and offered the discard to me. Although old, it is still functional enough, and I installed it in my basement using a custom made vent. The furnace heats the basement and indirectly warms the home. It has been sufficient to keep my water pipes flowing in single digit outside temperatures.

See the photos below.

Installing the furnace vent pipe.
Working on the wiring.
The innards of a modern furnace is relatively simple. Not the rusty bottom.
Almost ready for a test run.
All ready to go!