Everyone knows that you should change your furnace filter regularly. This can be a minor hassle as you have to have new filters on hand. Filters come in many sizes and thicknesses, and it can be difficult to remember exactly what filter you need when you are at the hardware store.

Many filter systems allow you to use a reusable filter instead of the traditional paper ones. Naturally, these filters also get dirty, but instead of tossing them in the garbage you simply wash them, dry them, and reinsert them. See the photos below for an example.

On this furnace the filter box is located on the right lower side.
This reusable filter slides out easily.
Here you can see the reusable filter. It is a series of metal and foam panels.
I’ll clean the filter with a diluted solution of Nu-Brite condenser coil cleaner.
The filter ready to be cleaned using a traditional pump sprayer.
Soaking the filter with the cleaning solution.
Rinsing with water.
Letting the filter dry before re-inserting it.