A homeowner was adding a new patio and new stoop to his home. The concrete contractor came out and inspected the job and reported to the owner that the rim joist under the door was rotted. He said that it needed to be repaired before he could correctly pour his job. The owner contacted me and I did the repair, which is shown below. Many concrete contractors would have poured the job without telling the owner. However, once the job was poured the only way to fix the rim joist and sill plate would have been to rip out the newly poured contractor. The concrete contractor could have made his money by pouring the job and leaving. However, he was an honest guy who did right by the customer. Below you can see the repair that I did.

You can see the rotted rim joist. (sorry for the blurry photo)
The rotten sill plate
A close up of the rotted wood. I’m cutting it out with an oscillating saw.
When we examined the job it was clear that the sill plate was also rotted. This had to be replaced. However I had to leave a small portion of the old plate to prevent the entire floor from instantly sagging. I removed the old plate once the new sill plate was in place.

Here you can see the new sill plate in position. The rest of the job was completed and the honest concrete contractor completed his pour. If he would have ignored the problem the owner would have to deal with water seeping into his house.