I replaced a roof that suffered storm damage. The home has a stucco facade, and this had to be cut out so that I could replace the wall to roof flashing. I had to call upon my stucco expert who cut out part of the 2nd floor wall and then replace the stucco. I also had to use my siding pro as the flashing had to be expertly bent into position. Everything was color matched so the house looks as good as new. See photos below.

Here you can see that we had to cut out some of the home’s stucco to get to the flashing. The flashing is the brown, somewhat rusty strip below the second floor window.
First steps. A styrofoam base was added. Then a fiberglass mesh was placed on top of the styrofoam. A black base coat was troweled on top of the mesh. Next step will be to add the stucco.
All done! The stucco patch was added and I color matched it so everything looks as good as new.