When you think of a shower base you probably visualize those fiberglass ones that you can buy at big box stores. They work, but they also look pretty generic.

If you want to have a custom and classy look in your bathroom you are going to have to pay an expert to pour a base for you. This is what I have done for many years. However, the process is time consuming. You will need to factor that time into the cost of your project as poured shower bases are a not recommended DIY project.

The Schluter shower base system is something that I was aware of awhile back. I finally used one in a project about a year ago. Now, there is no turning back. The Schluter system makes it much easier to set a base. They come in various sizes, but you can cut them down to fit your particular needs. There are YouTube videos that show you how to use this system, and if you are reasonably skilled you should be able to install one. See photos below.

The Schluter shower base is installed. It took my tile man about 30 minutes to install. If I had used a traditional base with a rubber membrane it would have taken him about 4 hours.
Setting these beautiful shower base tiles. I prefer small tiles as they provide better foot friction compared to large ones.
The base completely tiled. After the tiles are set grout will be applied and the base will be ready to go.