A customer wanted to replace her upstairs staircase post, and found a new one in a catalog. She asked me to order it, which I did. However, when she received the item she realized that she didn’t like its rounded interior details. I found her another post that was more square. However, this one didn’t have the detail that the original post had. The solution? I searched for appropriate trim so I could modify the replacement post. It took a little time and work, but the customer was happy with the results. See photo below.

This project is part of a restoration post a water leak. If you are looking for a contractor to restore your house after a flood, water leak, or fire feel free to contact me at 630.585.8369.

The old post (to the right) had rounded interior corners, which my customer didn’t like. The new post had a square interior, but lacked the detail that the original post. My solution was to modify the new post so it would be to the liking of the customer by using some trim.