Most homes with basements have a sump pump. Most sump pumps dump their water directly onto the lawn. However, I want to place a patio in that space, and I want to keep that area dry. In addition, standing water on a patio during a Chicago winter is a recipe for disaster.

The solution is simple, especially when you have your own Bobcat. See the photos below for details as well as a bonus fact.

Making sure that the pitch is downhill towards a retention area. The pipe above my hands will be removed as it was the temporary drainage pipe.
Making sure that the fittings are correct.
A close up. It is always important to use a level. This set up will not only be used for the sump pump, but also the gutters. I don’t want any standing water on my new patio or in my basement.
All set up and ready to go. The water will drain into a large retention area behind my home.