It is common to get a product from overseas that is poorly manufactured. It is also common to use the refrain, “What what do you expect it was made in (fill in your choice of country). If a product was made in Germany, America, or Japan most of us would assume that it was quality all of the way. Conversely, items made in China were thought to often be of inferior quality. Most of us would now agree that Chinese products are improving in quality. However, it seems like some American products may be moving in the opposite direction. I recently purchased an enclosed cargo trailer from the Indiana based Stealth Trailers. I went with an all aluminum trailer as I wanted longevity, and ordered it custom as I needed certain features. It took months to get the trailer that I have now had for 2 weeks. I am shocked at the poor workmanship of this American made product. See the photos below for more details.

Stickers that proudly proclaim that the trailer was made with pride in America, and that it was manufactured in compliance with the NATM. Sounds very official.
Here is my two week old, 14 foot, all aluminum trailer. Let’s take a closer look at its construction.
Sloppy welding, and they didn’t even bother to clean it up.
Rust after two weeks on the hinges which are clearly not aluminum or even galvanized steel. Additionally, shouldn’t the paint protect these hinges for more than two weeks?
Every hinge is showing signs of rust.
The side door is completely misaligned. You can see this if by looking at the two arrows. The door is fairly difficult to close.
The aluminum roof has many ripples in it suggesting poor craftsmanship.
More ripples on the nose of the trailer.
The red arrows points to more ripples on the roof. The yellow arrows demonstrate the amateur seam sealing job.