You may recall that I harvested white oak trees with the intention of turning them into flooring, stairs, and other trim. This has been a very long process. Recently, I picked up wood that I had vacuum dried and transported it to an Amish woodworker. His job was to further refine my planks, and to convert some of them into tongue and grove oak flooring. It has been a pleasure to work with these folks. Although we live in two different worlds we share a general belief that all jobs should be done well and fairly.

See the photos below for this week’s adventure.

I transported kiln dried planks to the woodworker in Topeka, Indiana.
One forklift moved them out of my trailer.
It took a second forklift to transport the wood to their shop.
This machine uses multi-heads to shape the wood into flooring planks. It costs over $350,000.00, so I won’t be buying one soon.
As they were working on my planks I filled my time buying some bakery at a local Amish bakery.
I brought the guys some donuts, and I also purchased some bakery for home. Naturally, I had to try some too!
The Amish countryside is beautiful.
Horses are a main form of transportation for the Amish. Bikes are also popular, and some hire drivers to transport them.
Just one of several bundles of beautiful white oak flooring.
Side view of the same bundle.
Loading the newly finished boards into my trailer.
My trailer was filled to the brim with newly finished wood. You can see some more wood that is about to be loaded onto it.