It is easy to repurpose hardware and building materials if you combine a little skill, time, and creativity. I had three commercial gooseneck lamp fixtures that I had used to light an old outdoor business sign. They were in surprisingly good shape for being in a harsh environment for several years, but unfortunately, they were coated in a dull, industrial silver/grey finish.

I wanted to use the lights for an industrial look interior of a basement that I’m remodeling. The plan was to paint the joists and subfloor (unfinished ceiling of the basement) black and to paint the goosenecks a glossy red. The lights would be used to illuminate a guitar display wall, which would be the focal point of the room. The cost of the project was a little time, care, and a can of spray paint.

When choosing a spray paint make sure that it is not only the color but also the finish that you want. In my case I wanted the lamps to be a glossy red. You also need to make sure that the paint is designed to cover the material that you want to paint (metal, wood, etc). Lastly, the paint that I used contained both the paint and a primer, and that was clearly stated on the can. Otherwise, I would have had to prime the lamps prior to painting them-an an additional unnecessary step for this particular application. See the photos below.

The original lamps were in good shape, but in a dull silver/grey finish.
The first step was to clean all of the surfaces with a solvent-type cleaner.
I then roughed up the surfaces with sandpaper to allow proper adhesion of the paint.
I wiped the surfaces again, this time to remove any errant grit left from the sandpaper.
The lamps were completely disassembled and each part was painted separately.
When spray painting it is imperative to use a light touch. Apply the paint in layers. If you spray too aggressively you will get drip marks. If that happens, wait for the paint to dry, sand away the drips, and repaint.
You can see the beautiful and professional finish that I was able to obtain from an inexpensive can of spray paint.
Assembling the lamps. I think that they look great!