I recently did a bathroom remodel in Naperville.  The customer chose a stone tile for the floor.  Unfortunately, the bathroom subfloor was out of level. This resulted in a considerable difference in the height between the tile bathroom floor and the oak floor outside of the bathroom.

The solution was to create a gradual transition using the threshold piece.  This would provide not only the best aesthetic look, but also the safest bridge between the two living areas.  I used a square block of wood cut to fill the opening. I then marked the wood to proper height on both the oak floor side and the tile floor side.  Using a table saw I made an initial cut at the proper angle.  I then evaluated it and refined the cut until the angle was a perfect match.

This sounds simple, but it does take a little practice and experience.

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Two floors at different heights.

New threshold cut at an angle.

Getting ready to fit.