My 13 year old son is an avid guitar player, and I wanted him to have a place to display some of his classic guitars. I decided to create a shiplap wall for that purpose. You can buy shiplap, but I made my own because I wanted one out of oak. My friend, Mike and I harvested a fallen red oak from Michigan, which we then had quarter-sawn into thick boards. I used a table saw to create the board’s profile and secured the boards to the wall by mounting 2 x 4s to the wall as a base for the shiplap boards. I then mounted accent lights above to give the wall a focal-point look.

Mounting the boards on 2 x 4s.
Tapcon screws were counter sunk to secure the 2 x 4s to the walls.
Keyless brackets were used to secure the shiplap to the 2 x 4s.
Here you can see the cuts that I made to create the shiplap look. The boards were oiled with linseed oil to give them a finished look.
Guitar brackets were mounted on the oak boards for the guitars.
I spray painted these commercial gooseneck lights red for accent.
When just the gooseneck lights are on the wall becomes an accent point for the room.
With the room lights are on the guitar wall shines.