My customer needed to change out the windows from his 1984 Georgian.  The old windows were contractor grade.  He elected to use Pella Architect Series windows.  These windows are not only high quality, but they also have high curb appeal.  Unlike a lower grade of window, you can have these build with a custom color.

My customer likes the 1940s look and has a green roof and shutters.  I suggested that he match the windows to the shutters.  His door was old and leaking and we upgraded it to a Pella fiberglass door that has excellent insulation qualities.  By using a Pella door we were assured of a color match with the windows.

The installation took a little over two days.  My customer was very happy with the results and also appreciated the fact that we clean up after ourselves.

I would be more than happy to come out and do a free estimate on your window/door replacement.  I carry several lines of Pella windows, one of them is likely in your budget.

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Old door.

Close up of old windows and door.

Old windows and door.

Front view of new windows and door.

New windows and door. Note matching garage door trim.

Side view of new windows and door.