A customer wanted to refresh their kitchen. They decided to keep its basic layout, but they wanted to change out the cabinets to higher quality ones and arranged them in a way that was more compatible with their needs. They didn’t want to change the stain color or wood type of their cabinets as they wanted them to match the existing woodwork in their home.

In addition, they decided to upgrade their countertops and change the color of their porcelain tile floors. They choose to keep some of their existing light fixtures and appliances as they were still in good condition. In order to differentiate their new cabinets from the old ones, they decided to use quarter-sawn oak. This is a more expensive woodcut, but it results in a unique and very beautiful grain. See the photos below.

Their old kitchen was functional, but the owner wanted to improve the quality of the components and update its style.
The new kitchen cabinets are much higher quality and customized for the owner’s needs. In addition, the floor, backsplash, and countertops have been updated. The owner choose to retain some of the original light fixtures as well as their appliances, which were fairly new.
Additional custom cabinets were added, including one to house a water cooler.
A new floor adds a modern unified appearance.
You can see the beauty of quarter-sawn oak.