There are many varieties of the humble clamp, but they all do the same thing-they firmly hold an object or objects. A very common use for a clamp is to hold two or more pieces of wood so they can be precisely bound together. Naturally, there are many ways to bind wood together including fasteners (like screw) and adhesives (like wood glue).

If you go to the hardware store you will find different types of clamps, but most of them will look familiar as their designs haven’t changed for decades (or longer). However, we are a species of innovation.

My carpenter showed me a new clamp design by Jorgensen. It is an EZ-Hold type clamp that can be chained together to grip wider surfaces. Normally, you would need to buy different size clamps for different size jobs. This innovation allows you to buy one size and then adapt it. This may sound like a simple thing, but its versatility and cost savings can’t be underestimated. See the photos below.

This is a standard clamp from DeWalt. Its gripping size range is limited.
Here are a couple clamps from Jorgensen. They look similar to the DeWalt clamp, but they have a trick up their sleeves.
They can be joined together to clamp wider objects.
Naturally, they can also be used as a standard clamp.