I’m remodeling a basement and turning it into a guitar-centric music room. My original plan was to spray paint the basement ceiling a satin black to give the room an industrial look. Unfortunately, some of the music room was directly below the master bedroom and it was felt that some sort of noise barrier was needed between the two rooms. My solution was to install a basement ceiling with sound proofing for the majority of the room, and to leave the portion of the ceiling that wasn’t below the master bedroom bare. This portion of the ceiling would be accented by a shiplap wall that would be used to display some classic electric guitars. The industrial ceiling would be further accented by the gooseneck lights that I wrote about in the last post.

I protected the areas that were not to be painted with plastic sheeting on the walls, and paper on the floors. I think that the look will be an interesting addition to the music room. See the photos below.

Here you can see the ceiling with the cutout for the industrial look portion. You can also see the paint sprayer that I used in the lower left side of the photo.
Here is the bare portion of the ceiling. You can see the plastic sheeting that I used to contain the paint.

The bare ceiling painted with a satin black exterior acrylic latex paint.

Side view showing the ceiling with the gooseneck light fixtures added.
Front view of the industrial ceiling, light fixtures, and shiplap display wall.