For a while, the use of a tile backsplash was not in fashion.  This was mostly due to cost.  New homes are built on a tight budget and tile work can be expensive.

However, there are many benefits for having a tile backsplash, and they are coming back strong into popularity.  They are both beautiful and practical.  They add texture and style.  When many of my customers remodel a kitchen they will put in a tile backsplash.

The renewed popularity of backsplashes has led to many tile choices, some quite intricate.  I’m lucky to have an expert tiler on my team.  In the following photos, you can see the transformation of a dull plain wall into something of interest.  Joe (our tiler), lays out the pieces on the floor as there are many different parts to properly piece together.  Once he has the tiles ready he applies them to the wall.

Check out the before and after photos to see what a difference a backsplash can make.

The backsplash without protective tile.

Joe puts the pieces on the floor before assembling.

Joe, our tile-man, is an expert tiler.

Functional and intricate backsplash.