An exploratory hole.

Exposed beam looks fine.

Water trapped on the church roof.

Hidden beam showing rot.

















At Gizmo Home Craft we do more than remodeling projects.  A church in Glen Ellyn contacted us to make exploratory openings in their main building.  The church building had been constructed in the 1960’s, and the original blueprints were lost.  Their beautiful 52-year-old structure was constructed with large wooden beams that supported a columnless style nave.  

The building had been settling for unknown reasons, and it was also taking in water.  An architectural firm was called in, and they required exploratory openings to evaluate the superstructure of the building.

As you can see, the exposed wooden beams look good.  However, once these beams entered a solid brick structure they appear rotted.  The roof water was able to seep in and become trapped around the beams.

We were happy to provide this service to the church, and we always enjoy new and challenging projects.