I am involved in the renovation and reconstruction of a Naperville home that caught on fire.  I have already removed all of the interior walls, but there is still a strong smell of smoke through the entire house.

Naturally, I want to go to any reasonable lengths to eliminate this odor. This post shows you one of the things that I’m doing. Odor-X is a commercially available odor eliminator. The chemical is added to a fogger and the entire house is fogged.  The fog is quite thick, as you can see in the photo below.  This is a penetrating chemical, which is why I am wearing a protective overall and respirator.

Beyond this, I’ll continue to remove charred studs and I’ll also spray surfaces with a barrier coating, like Kilz.  It is a lot of work, but no one wants a house that smells like a campfire.

Getting ready to deodorize

Deodorizing in progress

Deodorizing fog