I am installing a new medicine cabinet to replace a “builder’s grade” one. The old medicine cabinet was very dated, and also very small. The new cabinet is larger and, of a more modern design.

The new cabinet had to be moved upward to accommodate a higher sink. The photos below show the steps that were taken to make a new hole, and to frame the area. I also prepped the space for drywall repair (a future post).

The original small medicine chest removed.
Making sure that the new medicine cabinet door clears the new faucet and light fixture.
Cutting out a larger space to accommodate the new medicine chest.
Removing the old (lower) light fixture box.
The new bigger hole for the new medicine chest.
A oscillating saw is used in tight places where the reciprocating saw would punch through the drywall on the other side.
Checking to see if the new medicine cabinet fits and clear the light fixture and new faucet.
Making sure that the door has clearance to open properly.
The cabinet will be installed permanently once the drywall is replaced and the room is painted.