With construction, there is often deconstruction.  There are a lot of materials that have to be removed with any remodeling job. Naturally, I try to recycle as much as I can.  Aluminum can be scrapped. Clean concrete can be repurposed to make asphalt. Even cardboard can be reprocessed.

Unfortunately, that is only a small percentage of waste materials.  The remaining items have to be discarded at a garbage transfer station. These places are located throughout the city and serve as hubs for dumping.  Some of the items taken there can be recycled.  Most go into a landfill.

When I go to these places I’m always struck by the enormity of the waste that we produce.  It is not uncommon to see former treasured items tossed away.  It is sobering to me and it makes me ever more conscious of the need to conserve.  We can all do our part by using only what we need and by thoughtfully recycling our waste materials.