The original siding is old and tired looking.

Off with the old, in preparation of the new.

New siding refreshes the exterior look.















A Naperville home suffered hail damage during a storm. A few days later our customer received a knock on their door by a  Storm Chaser.  Storm Chasers are companies that base their business model on repairing exterior damage caused by natural disasters.  They often promise free repairs to the consumer, as they will bill the owner’s home insurance.

In this example the insurance adjuster would only approve two exterior walls.  The storm chaser company was happy with this, but the homeowner was not.  They contacted me and I did some additional investigative work.  It turns out that their current siding was no longer being manufactured, and with a few phone calls I was able to get the insurance company to pay for the entire house.

I also felt that the house would gain greater curbside appeal with a two-tone approach.  The resulting finished job added a lot of curb appeal to their home.  Sometimes a little extra work can result in a  better finished product.