Many mirrors have a frame around them which adds both depth and a simple way to mount the mirror to the wall. Frameless mirrors look sleek and modern, but they need to be completely flush with the wall. This presents a problem as mounting hardware can add a gap between the wall and the mirror.

The solution is to use adhesive to stick the mirror directly to the wall. However, care and planning are needed as once stuck there is only a little time to make any adjustments to the mirror.

The following photos outline a method to achieve a perfect mounting.

a piece of scrap wood cut to form two temporary supports for the mirror.
The adhesive is applied to the mounting points on the mirror.
Even pressure is applied to secure the mirror to the wall. Note the use of the temporary supports.
A laser level is used to make sure that the mirror is completely straight. Note the small shim added to the left support to make a micro-adjustment to level the mirror. After the mirror is permanently bonded the shim and the support wood will be removed leaving a perfectly positioned mirror.