I recently was asked to quote the replacement of some skylights.  The customer has 3 Velux skylights over his sunroom that are more than 25 years old.  Older skylights are not designed as well as newer models, and over time they tend to leak.

His skylights were designed to be mounted on a flat surface.  However, they had been mounted over a curb, which is a raised shaft. In addition, they were mounted at an angle, with the opening edge significantly lower than the hinged edge.

I had never seen this particular configuration in my 25 years of construction work.  Solving my customer’s problem required some homework.  A call to my Velux rep was the first step.

I was able to confirm that we could use an existing skylight model if we used the correct Velux flashing.  It is always good to learn, and today I learned a little bit more about Velux skylights.