As a general contractor I do both big and small jobs. Currently, I’m doing a medium sized job in Naperville. I’m reconfiguring and remodeling an entire first floor, plus doing work on the families HVAC system.

Sometimes new customers ask how many employees I have. My answer to them is that I have as many as I need. I work using a sub-contractor system. I have very long term relationships with excellent craftsmen who I call on as needed. This allow for a much more efficient method of scheduling. It makes no sense to have 3 carpenters on my payroll when they are not needed. At other times I may need more than 3 carpenters.

All of the vehicles that you see in the below photo belonged to craftsman working on this project. In all there were 10 people working that day. Using reliable and skilled sub-contractors allows me to be flexible and to get the job done as efficiently as possible.