When doing a home remodel one of the biggest potential hassles that a customer faces is the construction mess. Some of this mess is unavoidable, but much of it can be eliminated with a little planning.

Customers appreciate that we clean up after ourselves.  We minimize mess, and we are respectful that we are being allowed to work in someone’s home.  Part of keeping things clean and tidy is the prep work.

Cutting tile involves using a wet saw. This type of saw has a water reservoir used to eliminate dust and to cool the cutting blade. However, it is a potential source of water spillage.

I don’t take any chances when it comes to damaging my customer’s floor.  You can see in the photo that I already have a paper barrier placed.  On top of the paper is a plastic sheet that travels up the wall.  On top of that sheet is a rubber pad.  Tripple protection for my customer!

A plastic barrier.

A rubber mat on top of the plastic.