Let’s face it, most contractors want big jobs. Unfortunately, that leaves the little jobs undone. Sometimes folks will turn them into DIY projects, but the results can range from OK to a very homemade look.

I like doing the big jobs too, but I also know that there is a market for smaller jobs, especially if they are done well.

My customer had a HVAC technician out to his house and discovered that the prior owner had incorrectly installed the furnace exhaust. The technician rightly noted that the current configuration was a fire hazard and installed a proper double walled vent pipe.

Unfortunately, this left a big pipe right in the middle of the customer’s basement room. The customer contracted me and I constructed a custom exclosure for him.

A HVAC technician rerouted the furnace exhaust to conform to safety standards and the customer now needed to enclose it.
Box completed.
Dry walled and taped.
Now sanded and painted. Job done!