As a home remodeler, it is common for me to work in occupied homes.  No matter how you slice it, remodeling is dirty work.  Walls come down, floors come up, and dust is everywhere.

Although dirt can’t be eliminated completely I do my best to minimize it.  When working in a home I try to isolate the work area from the rest of the house with plastic barriers.  The system that I prefer is called the ZipWall system.  I like this system because the plastic barrier is fixed to the ZippWall pole and it won’t come down.

In the following photos, I opened a wall for some plumbing repair.  The was patched and needed to be sanded.  This process produces a lot of mess.  I want my customers to not only be happy with my work, but also with me.  A clean and tidy remodeler gets called back for future jobs.

Protecting the rest of the house from dust and grime.

Repaired wall before sanding.