In a recent post I chronicled adding foam insulation to a garage. In this post I’ll share some photos of adding foam insulation to the townhouse that I’m renovating.

Several weeks ago my foam installers used closed cell foam to insulate the outside walls and rafters of the townhome. This made a dramatic difference, and the interior went from freezing cold to a pleasant environment. I had to increase the R value of the roof’s insulation to the standard R49and decided to add an additional layer of open cell foam to the existing closed cell foam. Open cell foam doesn’t insulate quite as well as closed cell, but it is less expensive and easier to install. The combination of closed cell and open cell foam will make this townhome energy efficient, toasty and give me an R value that exceeds R49.

The installer getting ready to add a layer of open cell foam on top of the closed cell foam.
Spraying the open cell foam.
This photo gives you an idea of the additional foam layer. The rafters in the top of this photo have only received closed cell foam. The bottom of the photo shows the addition of the open cell foam.
The outside of the townhome. No hotspots on the roof!