Every house needs to clearly have its address visible. With this identification a home can be located by friends, delivery services, and emergency services. There are a variety of number systems that can be used, some are easier to install than others. Raised numbers can add an element of definition and class, but they can be difficult to position properly. Nothing looks more amateurish than poorly spaced or crooked numbers. The solution is to use a template. See the photos below.

I used a scrap piece of wood and marked off the center points for each number. I positioned the numbers correctly and marked off where the offset studs hit the wood template.
I drilled holes and then repositioned the numbers to make sure that everything looked good.
The front view.
Here I am positioning the template. Note the blue tape which is providing a level line to make sure that the numbers are straight.
With the holes drilled the template is remove and the numbers are applied. These studs may look like screws, but they are not. The numbers are held in by friction so the drilled holes need to be properly sized.
The numbers placed.