Removing the old floor

A new beautiful floor

Another view of my customer’s new floor.















A repeat customer in Glen Ellyn wanted to replace flooring on two levels of their home.  They were interested in replacing their existing floors with an oak one.  The problem was that both floors were on a concrete slab. It is not advisable to put an oak floor on concrete because of the residual moisture content of the concrete.  This moisture can eventually cause buckling of the new floor.

However, there is a product that can be used in this situation, which is unfinished engineered oak planks.  Because it is a specifically manufactured product it is more stable, and can be used in situations where a typical plank would deform.  This product has a thick top veneer oak and looks exactly like a wood floor.

Knowing the right materials can save you thousands of dollars in future repairs.  
My customers and I were very happy with the final results.