You may recall that I’m doing a total remodel on a townhome in Naperville. Part of that process included lowering the basement by one foot. This has been a very arduous task. However, I feel that the end results will justify the means. Since I had to remove the concrete floor I decided to incorporate radiant heat. The advantage of radiant heat is that it is a very even heat. By using this type of heat your entire basement floor becomes a radiating surface. In addition, there are no drafts. Radiant heat involves embedding tubing in the concrete. I thought I would share some photos of that process with you.

The Pex tubing comes in these punch-and-pull spool.
Here you can see the tubing attached with zip ties to the floor’s wire mesh. The tubing should be approximately 12 inches apart. The concrete will be poured over this structure.
Here you can see the elbow sleeves used to protect the pipes as they emerge from the concrete.
The basement is around 500 square feet. I have two separate loops for this basement, as you should not exceed 300 linear feet of pipe per loop. Here you can see the inlets and the outlets clearly marked.
Here you can see some electrical conduit that will be used for the system’s thermostat.