I’m doing an extensive renovation on a home that suffered water damage. A second-floor toilet leaked while the owners were on vacation, causing significant damage to all levels of their home. The majority of their 1st floor subfloor had to be replaced. See the photos below showing some of that process.

Plywood was measured and cut to conform to the walls in the room. I also measured for the HVAC vent.
A foam adhesive is applied.
Here is the adhesive that I used. A foam adhesive can be faster to apply than a traditional adhesive that would require a caulking gun.
This screw gun takes screw cartridges where the screws automatically load into position.
Securing the new subfloor into the joists using the screw gun. The combination of glue and screws should make this floor squeak free. Note all of the ins and outs of this piece of plywood. You definitely want to measure twice and cut once.
Cutting out the hole for the HVAC vent with a jigsaw.
Making sure that the HVAC vent is properly placed.
The subflooring in this room is complete. Now to the next room!