You have to use the right type of wall board when installing it in a shower area. I have always used Durock in these situations. Durock works well, but it is heavy, hard to work with, and very dusty when cut.

Recently, I switched to Sentinel board. This is a lightweight and durable board. It feels more like a reinforced foam board. It is strong, but very easy to maneuver. In addition, you can cut it easily using only a utility knife. The downside is that it is more expensive than Durock. However, the benefit of using it outweighs the increased cost.

In the photos below my plumber installed the pipe for a handheld shower on the wrong side. Because we used Sentinel board it was an easy fix. See the photos.

Sentinel board is installed on one wall. It will be installed over the pink insulation on the adjacent wall.
This water inlet is on the wrong side!
It was easy to cut the board to access pipes. This would be very difficult using Durock.
Pipe moved, wall patched!