When you live in a small space you have to adapt that space to meet the needs of the individual residents. The townhouse that I’m renovating has a music room in the basement area. Unfortunately, the master bedroom is directly above that space. It is impossible to make a normal room completely soundproof, but there are things that you can do to reduce extraneous noise.

One solution is to use a mineral wool insulation between the rooms. Rockwool is a brand of such insulation. This insulation is very dense, and is more sound deadening than other types of insulation. In this project I have added Rockwool in the basement ceiling, and also in some of the interior walls. See the photos below.

Rockwool is a brand of mineral wool insulation. It is very dense and deadens sound.
Here you can see some of the Rockwool insulation placed in between the wall studs of an interior wall. This Rockwool is in batt form.
Rockwool placed in the basement’s ceiling. The master bedroom is directly above this area. Note the fabric used to hold the Rockwool in place. This Rockwool was blown in.
The ceiling with wallboard.