There are many different steps to be accomplished when remodeling a kitchen.  Something as simple as a sink install can require the expertise of a plumber, electrician, and a countertop fabricator.

I am currently finishing up a total kitchen remodel in Woodridge.  The customer didn’t change the location of the sink, but newer sinks tend to be deeper and are usually mounted below the countertop.  This requires moving the plumbing a few inches down.

The first photo shows the lowered roughed in discharge line.  The second photo gives a “behind the scenes” view under the sink.  You can see the new electrical, plumbing connections, and disposal unit with its air switch.  The last photo shows the customer’s shiny new sink.

My customer now has a state-of-the-art sink system that will give him many years of trouble free service.

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Rough plumbing

“Behind the scenes.”

All done, a beautiful sink.