Many home owners have power washers. Most of them use the electric type. However, all power washers are not created equal.

Most purchasers buy their washer based on the PSI rating. This number describes the force of the water being pushed through the machines nozzle. However, it is also important to know how many gallons per minute flow through the pump. It is the combination of PSI and flow that determine the overall cleaning power of a washer.

Many small power washers advertise a high PSI, but they are less clear about their flow rate. These devices are great for small jobs, like washing your car. However, they don’t have enough power to tackle bigger projects, like cleaning down siding.

I purchased my power washer used over 25 years ago. It is gas powered and has a high PSI and flow rate. It is also very heavy. However, it gets the job done when smaller machines can’t. If you need to clean a large or especially dirty area it may be worth your while to rent a bigger power washer or contract with someone who has one.

This pressure washer is over 25 years old and still works great.
Water everywhere.
Half of the ledge was washed and you can clearly see the difference.
If I look wet, I was. Also, it was cold!
A view from inside the house. Not all windows seal well so I had someone stationed inside to wipe up any spills.