For the last two weekends I have been manning a both at two different home shows. My friend Mike (in the picture) has been keeping me company during lulls in the foot traffic.

Home shows are a great way to meet new customers, and to chat with people who are interested in updating or remodeling their homes.

It is also enjoyable to talk to the other venders, and to learn a little bit about them, and their lives.  I have met several vendors who make their livings by running booths at various shows.  They often only work 2-3 days, and have a 4-5 day “weekend.”  That sounds nice, but I think I prefer my busy workweek.

Although the last two weekends have been interesting, I’ll be very happy to return to my regular customers, and my regular job on Monday morning.

My booth at today’s Home Show in Darien, Illinois.